Adoratio Crucis

Adoratio Crucis. 
Manuscript Studies in the Early Medieval Church of Norway

Adoratio Crucis is based on manuscript material, Latin and Old Norwegian fragments in the National Archives in Oslo, and manuscripts in Det Arnamagnæanske Institut in Copenhagen. The author endeavours to answer the question: Where did our liturgical books come from in the early christian times?

The Leitmotif in the book is the extra-liturgical prayers of the Good Friday service. They are analysed from a fragment of a missal, penned in Anglo-Saxon England about A.D. 1000, which is textually related to the monastic rule of the Regularis Concordia from about A.D. 970. They are also analysed from a fragment of a twelfth-century missal, which contains directions derived from the Decreta Lanfranci for Christ Church, Canterbury. A fragment of an Old Norwegian translation of the Decreta Lanfranci forms the most important link in the chain of evidence pionting to English influence upon the formative period of the Medieval Church in Norway. Their influence can also be traced in the thirteenth-century Nidaros Ordinary. A fragment of a gradual from about A.D. 1400 reveals that the textual tradition, embodied in the two older fragments, survived until the late Middle Ages, though it is not found in the Missale Nidrosiense of 1519.

In three appendices the author edits the series of prayers found in a twelfth-century Ghent missal, in an eleventh-century Canterbury psalter, and in a late ninth-century Moissac manuscript, which are of interest from the point of view of text history.

Professor Jón Helgason has reconstructed and commented upon the Old Norwegian translation of the Decreta Lanfranci.

By L. Gjerløw, Oslo 1961

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