Digital archives in historical research

Digital archives in historical research.
Gender effects on labour market participation in post-industrial Norway – a quantitative approach

Riksarkivarens skriftserie nr. 38

The concept 'digital archives' covers all types of archives that are created digitally. Since the 1960s the Norwegian public administration has undergone increasing computerisation. Today, there are considerable numbers of administrative registers, databases and information systems in all public institutions in Norway. A side effect of an increasingly computerised public administration is that a growing share of the Norwegian cultural heritage is born digitally, and consequently must remain in digital form also in the archives. Since the mid-1980s, the National Archives of Norway has dealt with these issues and received and stored digital archives from the central government administration.

Digital archives offer new challenges as well as new opportunities for historical research. The challenges are connected with privacy, technical and heuristic issues. This book investigates these aspects and explores some of the potential for historical research based on digitally created archives.

As an archivist at the Regional State Archives of Hamar since 1998, historian Børge Strand has been occupied with digital archives with focus on appraisal, preservation, documentation and acquisition.

By B. Strand, Riksarkivet 2013

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