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January 24, 2015:  Gjøvik og Toten slektshistorielag has transcribed the 1880 census ("manntall") for Gjøvik city.  In the register Slektshistorielaget has constructed the addresses for the properties to facilitate the search. Øivind Larsen has focused on the transcription of communion protocols for Eidsberg parish in Østfold county.  The first protocol has been moved from the old search site, and now the next two protocols are published. Larsen's over 200 000 records for the period 1800-1858 are now gathered here and available for search. To the right, Most recently published sources, you find the links.

January 23, 2015: Some of the death indexes of the police in Nordfjord, Sogn og Fjordane county are transcribed by the guest in the Digital Inn "Bergesen og Stensen". These indexes are now published. We have also published transcribed parish records. Go to the Most Recent 100  for details.

January 15, 2015: We have published a transcribed index of the whaling fleet of 1911.  The index is from the Whalers' Insurance Association. The transcription is done by Lisbeth Akerholt, guest in the Digital Inn. The 1910 census lists which were replaced by updated data, are now available again.

January 9, 2015: We have published more transcribed 1891 Census lists.  These are transcribed by guests in the Digital Inn. Read the details in the list of the Most Recent 100.

January 8, 2015: We welcome Andreas Martinsen av Nordenstjerne as a new guest in the Digital Inn. His contribution is a transcription of the applications for luxury tax exemption  on vehicles in Helgeland police district 1930-1932. The transcriptions are gathered in a pdf-file and sorted under "Skattelister og regnskaper"  in section for Fulltext transcriptions. We have also published searchable data of taxlists for Ulstein and Hareid parish, as well as a list of crofters in Helgeland bailiff. Christmas Eve, we published the 1815 Census for Ytre Holmedal (Fjaler) in both scanned and transcribed version. See the Most Recent 100  for details.

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