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News from the Digital Archives

April 30, 2016: We launched the new site for scanned real estate registers/deeds registry April 27. The new site for scanned church registers will be launched Monday. You will find guides to the new sites under Help, Scanned archives

Meanwhile we continue to publish transcribed records. Mostly church records, but the 1891 Census for Moss, Østfold county, is now available for search. You find all details in the list of the Most Recent 100

April 21, 2016: More transcriptions from the church registers are published today. Please go to the Most Recent 100 list for details. 

We encourage you to read the news concerning the scanned archives. From April 27 you will have to use the new service for the scanned archives for the real estate registers. And from May 2 you will also have to use the new service for the church registers. Read more about this change. 

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The Digital Archives launching a new and improved online service for scanned archives


Wednesday April 27 and Monday May 2 the Digital Archives will official migrate to the new solutions for the scanned deeds registry and parish registers. This means that from these dates onwards, links to the old solutions redirect and point to the new ones. The old solutions for the scanned parish registers and deeds registry will no longer be available after the migration. Read more...

New service for the scanned archives

How to start tracing your ancestry in Norway?


Tracing your lineage is a fun and rewarding challenge that requires some basic knowledge of past centuries. A new handbook from the National Library of Norway, the National Archives of Norway and DIS-Norge, the largest genealogy association in Norway, will walk you through the available resources and how to get the most out of them. Read more...

How to start tracing your ancestry in Norway?