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Påske-illustrasjon. Skiløper med barn i ryggsekken.

Fra arkivet etter Landslaget for reiselivet i Norge. Riksarkivet, arkivreferanse: Pa0722_uaa9_13_001 / From the archives of The Norwegian Tourism Association. The National Archives in Norway, archive reference: Pa0722_uaa9_13_001

April 16, 2014: The staff of the Digital Archives celebrate Easter and will be taking leave for a short week. We are back on Tuesday. If you have trouble finding your way on our site or searching the data, we recommend our Help-pages.

We have published a  lot of transcribed parish records recently. The contributions are from new and old guests in the Digital Inn. You find a full list and details in the list of Recent 100 . We would like to welcome Nils Buverud, Dan André Fiskum Velle, Steinar Vasaasen, Paul Haakonsen and the people behind "Bygdebøkene for Lesja og Dovre" to the Digital Inn.

Happy Easter to everyone!

April 4, 2014:  We are continuing our work with transferring data from the old site, but have started again to publish new data. First out are parish records from the period 1801-1814 for Skjeberg in Østfold county and Søgne and Oddernes in Vest-Agder county . The contributors are our new guest in the Digital Inn, Kjell Arne Cronsteen, and Tor Magne Midtbø. Please see the list of the Most Receent 100 for details.

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Updated: The old version of the Digital Archives will be available until end of 2014


From April 1, 2014 the old version of the Digital Archives is available from a link on the home site of the Digital Archives. It will remain available until end of 2014. Read more...

illustration of the old search site for the Digital Archives