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March 20, 2015: The 1900 Census is available as print-ready pdf-files you can download for free. Thereby all the national censuses from 1801, 1865, 1900 and 1910 are available as printed editions . The editions are based on the data you find online, and they come with indexes on given names, last names, birth place and residence. Sadly, they are only in Norwegian.

March 18, 2015: We continue publishing transcribed church records.  Today we managed only five lists, you find them in the right-most column, but they are also added to the list of the Most Recent 100.

March 13, 2015: This week's last records are now available.  As earlier they are transcribed from church books, now focusing on the various other lists like migration lists, introduction lists, public absolutions lists etc. You find all the details in the Most Recent 100  (which today is expanded to 124 items to manage to include all the published data of this week).

March 12, 2015: More transcribed parish records are published today, this time from the marriage and burial lists.  See the list of the Most Recent 100  for details.

March 11, 2015: More than 230 000 records on individuals have been uploaded today.  So now there are 25,3 millions records available for search on our site! Today's contributions come from various local associations of DIS-Norge, local history associations and volunteers. They have all transcribed baptisms and confirmations from the church books. Go to the Most Recent 100  for details. 

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