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February 2, 2016: More data is available for search. The data is transcribed from church registers, 1891 census and even from the bailiffs' account books. Check out the Most Recent 100 for details. 

January 24, 2016: The past week we have added more transcribed data. The data is from various church registers as well as the 1891 Census. We also like to welcome Lars Waaltorp as a new guest in the Digital Inn. He is transcribing the 1891 Census. Go to the Most Recent 100 for details on the new contributions that are now available for search.

January 13, 2016: Today you find a lot of new transcribed church records available for search. Go to the most Recent 100 for details. We welcome Turid Box Nilsen and Gerd Karen Rognstad as new guests in the Digital Inn. We have also uploaded scanned images of Norske Lensrekneskapsbøker 1548-1567 (NLR). These are scholarly editions of the accounts for the Norwegian fiefs 1548-1567, printed between 1937-1943.

January 12, 2016: We start the new year with a belated message: Jostein Mediaa and Buskerud slektshistorielag, both guests in the Digital Inn, have transcribed 1891 censuses. In the Most Recent 100 you find links to the search forms. 

We have also started a blog. See the link "Blog" in the horizontal menu. Currently the entries are only in Norwegian.

More news


The digitising of the 1891 Census is finished


The National Archives finished the scanning of the 1891 Census this summer and today close to 2,5 million images are available in the Digital Archives. Read more...

1891 Census finished

The Silver Tax 1816 digitised


Norges Bank (The Central Bank of Norway) is preparing for its 200 years anniversary with the digital version of the Silver Tax of 1816. The scanned images of the tax lists were published in 2012, and now these lists are transcribed and available for search in the Digital Archives. Read more...

The front page of the Silver Tax list of 1816 for Vardal parish