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News from the Digital Archives

February 24, 2017: With winter behind us and spring on its way, we see things growing both outside and in The Digital Archives. From our faithful contributors can be mentioned contributions from Sidsel Pihl Haugen that has registered buried from Larvik 1856-1870 and Gerd Karen Rognstad that has registered from The Free Apostolic Church in Tromsø 1856-1892 and Ibestad 1915-1929. From the Historical Societys we have received contributions from Slekt og Data Møre og Romsdal who have registered public confessions from Ørskog, Slekt og Data Vestfold have registered public confessions from Borre and confirmations from Sem, Slekt og Data Telemark have registered buried from Bø 1880-1892, Slekt og Data Østfold have registered from Fredrikstad, Skjeberg, Rødenes and Glemmen and Lier Historical Society that have registered buried from Strømsø.
We also welcome Jonas Holm Erstad as a new guest at the Digital Inn, who has registered stillbirths and buried from Våle 1907-1934. Go to the Most Recent 100 for details.

February 14, 2017: New Parish lists from our contributors have been registered and published in the Digital Archives. First of all we welcome Ard-Eirik Hermansen as a new guest at the Digital Inn, who has registered Confirmations and Burials from Salangen 1893-1911. We also have contributions from Grethe Hegge who has registered lists from Stjørdal 1859-1870, Ørskog Historielag have registered from Ørskog 1852-1862, Marker Historielag from Aremark 1834-1849, Slekt og Data Telemark from Bø 1892-1900, Slekt og Data Sande from Strømm 1900-1920, and Slekt og Data Vestfold from Borre 1752-1806. Go to the Most Recent 100 for details.  

February 3, 2017: A software upgrade for The Debate Forums on monday will require new login for all registered members. In connection with an upgrade for The Debate Forums, everyone will have to login again with their existing username and password. This includes login for services that provide extra functionality like downloading of PDF booklets of scanned material. There will also be a short downtime from approximately 09-10 am. Read more concerning practical information on this page and why we are doing this here.

January 27, 2017: The Most recent 100 has been updated with a lot of new contributions. Olav H. Haugen has registered baptisms, burials and marriages from Rauland Parish 1814-1859, Gerd Karen Rognstad has registered burials from Tromsø Parish 1925-1937, Rune Bergesen from the 1875 Census for Hosanger, Slekt og Data Vestfold have registered confirmations from Larvik 1884-1902, Slekt og Data Møre og Romsdal several lists from Stranda 1827-1864 and staff from The Regional State Archives in Bergen from among other Garnisonmenigheten Akershus 1777-1809, Vinger 1772-1813 and Stadsbygd 1806-1815. We also welcome Møyfrid Kavli Setnes as a new guest at the Digital Inn, who has registered burials from Grytten, Hen 1818-1853. Go to the Most Recent 100 for details.

January 16, 2017: On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of The Regional State Archives in Hamar, almost 300 maps from the beginning of the 18th century, drawn by Amts Conductor Hans Lemming Juell, have been published. View them as scanned with corresponding registry. Also see our main page for maps and drawings in The National Archives.  

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The Digital Archives officially migrated to a new solution for the scanned deeds registry and parish registers Wednesday April 27 and Monday May 2. From now on links to the old solutions redirect and point to the new ones. The old solutions for the scanned parish registers and deeds registry will no longer be available. Read more...

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How to start tracing your ancestry in Norway?