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August 15, 2014: We have added more data transcribed from the parish registers - this time by the members of Gjøvig og Toten slektshistorielag. The list of the Most Recent 100 is updated with links and details. We have also published a couple of fulltext transcriptions: the court journals (tingbøker) of Brandsøy judicial district (skipreide) from the 18th century and the rent roll for landed property (jordebok) in Sandsvær 1624-1626 . Until we can add them in our system so they are retrievable through Select source, you find the fulltext transcriptions on a separate page .

August 13, 2014: More transcribed church records are published! They are transcribed by guests in the Digital Inn and cover different places in Norway like Fredrikstad in Østfold county, Strømsø  in Buskerud county and Grytten in Møre og Romsdal county. See the list of the Most Recent 100  for further details.

August 7, 2014 : Gjøvik og Toten slektshistorielag  (genealogical society for Gjøvik og Toten in Oppland county) is a guest in the Digital Inn. They have been transcribing sources for the Gjøvik and Toten area for many years. The intention is that the transcribed data will be available in the Digital Archives. Today's publication of transcribed church records from Vardal and Vestre Toten parishes contains over 110.000 records of persons  - and this is just a small amount of what they have already sent to us. There are much more to come! The list of Most Recent 100  contains full details and links.

Passet til Michael Krohn

Michael Krohns reisepass fra 1822

August 6, 2014: The Regional State Archives has transcribed and scanned passports for Bergen for the period 1816-1822 . The transcribed data  has links to each digital image of the passports . These passports were compulsory for anyone travelling in Norway.

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Updated: The old version of the Digital Archives will be available until end of 2014


From April 1, 2014 the old version of the Digital Archives is available from a link on the home site of the Digital Archives. It will remain available until end of 2014. Read more...

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