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About the Digital Archives

The Digital Archives offer online access to digital archive material. Here you can search databases/tables, read transcripts and browse digital images as well as listen to digitised sound from the archives.

Everyone is welcome to use this government service for free.


Contact information as well as useful links to other sites and similar services.

News archive

Summary of updates and publishing of digital sources in the Digital Archives and the Digital Inn.

Organisation and services

Read about the Digital Archives and the services we provide.

Restructure project

The Digital Archives is in the middle of a restructure project. Read about the upcoming changes and status of current version.

Source information

Read about some of the larger source series which are digitised and available online, like the censuses from 1865 and 1910. Here you will also find links and information on some of the sources which are not available in our "Select source" menu yet, such as addressbooks, probate and real estate documents.

The Digital Inn

Read about the Digital Inn - the web hosting service of the Digital Archives. Contributors outside of the National Archives can use this service to publish digital sources for free.

Registering sources

Here you find good advices when it comes to transcribing sources for publishing them in the Digital Inn. The established Norwegian standards for digitising sources, KYRRE and HISTFORM, will also be presented.