Publishing sources on the Internet

The National Archives of Norway (Central Office, eight Regional State Archives, Sami Archives and the Health Archives) use the Digital Archives as a channel to publish and distribute some of their archive material, mainly the most popluar series. The sources are transferred to digital form by either transcribing the information or scanning the documents.

There are two registration units in the Digital Archives, responsible for the long-term transcription projects such as national censuses. The Central Office is responsible for the large scale scanning projects, like digitising all the microfilms for the National Archives. In addition, the various Regional State Archives are both transcribing and scanning some of their sources to make it available in the Digital Archives.

The Digital Archives also welcomes others outside the National Archives, who wants to publish digital sources online. Institutions, associations and private persons who want to contribute with digital archive material in the Digital Archives, are given free storage space and free use of the tools in the Digital Inn. The contributors in the Digital Inn hold their rights to their own material and are responsible for their own digital sources. If one wants to be a guest in the Digital Inn, one must accept that the material is made available to everyone and the usage is free of charge.

The Digital Archives and the Digital Inn is build on the idea that all users of archive sources are best served with the source material gathered on one site and presented in a unified search system and user interface.

Printed editions of the censuses

The Digital Archives produces printed editions of the transcribed censuses from 1801, 1865, 1900 and 1910.

The Digital Archives does not hold the rights to all the data from these censuses. We can only sell census lists that we own, but we can publish print-ready files from all the census lists. Registreringssentralen for Historiske Data (RHD) - The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) holds the rights to the data that we cannot sell. Orders for printed editions from their data, can be sent to NHDC.

The print-ready files that we use in our production are available for everyone on our site, free of charge:

The printed editions is only available in Norwegian and they contain:

  • the census lists
  • given name index
  • last name index
  • birth place index
  • farm name/address index

The price for the editions depends on the number of persons in the lists: 100 NOK for each 1000 person (300 persons cost 100 NOK, 1200 persons cost 200 NOK, etc.) Transportation is not included. See the price list for details. You pay after receiving the package. The invoice is sent separately.

Usually we send the printed editions within a month, but ordering large quantaties and during holidays, the delivery may be delayed.

Please use this form to order printed editions of the transcribed censuses.