There are several groups working with the tasks and services of the Digital Archives:

  • editors
  • transcription
  • scanning/digitising
  • development

In Bergen you find the editorial staff. They are responsible for the internet sites, information and guidance. They are in contact with the users of the Digital Archives through telephone, e-mail and in discussion forums. The staff in Bergen receive and publish the digital sources.

Staff in the Digital Archives is also transcribing sources. The registration units are located in Voss and Stavanger. This units take on the long-term transcription tasks that takes years to complete.They are responsible for making the newly released 1910 Census searchable, as well as the censuses of 1865 and 1900.

In Oslo, at the Central Office of the National Archives, they are working with scanners and digital cameras to produce millions of digital images of sources. They are in the process of converting all microfilms into digital images, like the digitised parish records, real estate documents, probate documents etc. Members of this staff take part in answering e-mails and discussion topics related to this service.

In the IT department at the Central Office of the National Archives in Oslo they are working on new technology for the Digital Archives. The new interface launched for the 1910 Census is part of their work. The technology of the Digital Archives has until now been developed in co-operation with Jan Oldervoll at the University of Bergen. From December 2010 we are developing new technology.