December 2010 was the starting point for the restructure project of the Digital Archives. The technology, functionality and interface will all be changed, but gradually.

The first change you saw with the release of the 1910 Census. The data was launched in the new interface and with some of the new technology.

Searchable data, digital images, full text transcriptions and other digital source material within the Digital Archives, will gradually be transferred to the new interface during 2011-2013. 

New Years Eve 2013, the links to and data on the old search sites will be unavailable.  

Ideally the work with transferring data from the old site to the new should have been completed before we closed the old site, but unfortunately we have not succeeded with this. Some of the sources on the old site, that has not been transferred, will therefore not be available. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and we will prioritise this data transfer in 2014 so that everything will be available on the new site. Read more about this

From January 1, 2014 the tools for finding the sources, searching in them and displaying the data will be unavailable. Digital books (the Book Shelf), and any static web page will be available. It is only the searchable data that will disappear. 


We have an open test-site where you can see the lastest updates of our software:

The data there are changing all the time, so you should not use it as a reference.


We appreciate any feedback on the new interface and technology, preferably if you submit it in the discussion forum  for the Digital Archives or on e-mail