Date format in the raw data

The Digital Archives uses NS-ISO 8601 (ISO 8601) as date format when complete dates are given. Complete dates are when they contain year, month and day.The format is recognised as YYYY-MM-DD (YYYY is a four-digit year, MM is the number of the month, and DD is the day in the month)

Registering the dates 

The dates in the sources can be written in many ways. We have tried to be as true to the original sources as we could. Therefore, the original way of writing the date is transcribed with one exception: 

Year or complete dates (transformed into NS-ISO 8601) are inserted in the date field first, then follows the original spelling.

This enables us to list the records chronologically.

Different views of the dates 

In respect for our national and international users, the Digital Archives offers optional views of the date formats. All registered and logged in users can choose between three formats:

  1. DD.MM.YYYY 
  2. MM/DD/YYYY 
  3. YYYY-MM-DD 

The various formats are distinguished by the separators . (dot), / (slash), and - (hyphen). All other date formats in use in the original sources that cannot be transferred to exact complete dates, will be presented as they are.