Important dates

  • November 15: We are temporarily closing
    • submission of new proof reading messages
    • new guests in the Digital Inn
    • submission of farm pictures and comments
  • Before end of March 2012: Web pages, search system and navigation tools for the site will be changed to new systems

We are changing the internet site of, giving it new looks, structure, search and navigation system. This will take effect during Winter of  2012. In the mean time will work as the primary site for The Digital Archives. Publications of new and old databases will be done at this site.

The links to databases and records in the site we use today, will not work after April 1. In the new system, however, the links will be permanent.

Links to the digital images such as parish records, real estate documents, probates etc., as well as the links in the 1910 Census, are not affected by this restructure project.

The databases

All the databases and their documentation will be transferred to the new search system. Different from today, all the records for all databases will be gathered in one large database. This will make it much easier to search through all records, and/or to narrow a search by selecting geography, source category, time period, or a combination of these. It will also be possible to access one digital source.

We will continue to receive and publish data.

Contribution from the users

The proof reading pencils will be removed November 15. We will gather all the submitted comments and forward these to the owners of the data. When the databases are transferred to the new system, it will once again be possible to submit comments.

All the guests in the Digital Inn will be transferred to the new site. We are closing for new guests temporarily from November 15. Once all the guests are relocated, we will open for new guests again. In the new system, it will be possible for the guests to manage their own contact information, and further along the development they will also be able to submit the data on the site instead of sending it by e-mail to the Digital Archives.

From November 15, we are also closing the possibility to submit pictures of farms and buildings in the 1900 Census. This function will not be transferred. Instead we will come up with a new solution for a historic photo album in which one can submit a photo, comment and link the image to several sources in the Digital Archives.

The Digital books

The digital books ( will not be changed in this process of the project. Later we will transfer the books to a different system, with the possibility to search in digital images of printed books.