The initial digital version of the 1865 Census was published in the Digital Archives 1st June, 1998. The Director of the National Archives had at that time taken over the rest of the data from Teleslekt, a source-transcribing project at the National Library. Jan Oldervoll of the History Department at the University in Bergen, was responsible for this and later online publications.

When published, approximately 55 % of the census was transcribed and proofread. The rest of the census was transcribed by two groups of the former Teleslekt-project: the registration groups of the Digital Archives, located in Stavanger and Voss. They completed their part of the transcribing in February 2000 so that 71 % of the material was completed. The remainding 29% was done by Registreringssentral for historiske data (RHD) in Målselv/Tromsø (125 filer – 28 %), as well as the Regional State Archives in Bergen. RHD consentrated on the counties Vestfold, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, in addition to various parishes and cities in the rest of the country. The State Archives transcribed the census lists for Bergen and Askøy.

Since June 2000 the Digital Archives have hosted a more or less complete first version of the 1865 census, and no other corrections or changes have been made to this version.

From September 2000 to 2012, the data of the 1865 census has undergone quality checks and corrections. The work has been done in the National Archives by Anne Minken, Unni Løkkebø, Frøydis Bryhn Ross and Lars Nygaard.