The second version of the digital 1910 census was released 29. March 2011. There are some major and minor alterations in 488 of the 659 municipalities listed in the census (74 %).

The major changes


When the first version was published on 1. December, 2010, the material from Kristiania had not been subject to the same verifying process as the material from the other municipalities. These checks have now been completed and a new version of the Kristiania material has been published. Some buildings at Grev Wedels plass and Myntgaten, earlier placed under a fictive census district no 018 (Vår Frelsers parish), is now correctly placed under census district 160 (Festningen). Some people left out have now been inserted in their correct places.

In Kristiania the census districts are numbered within each parish, as opposed to within the city in its entirety. In order to make it easier to find the location of buildings and people, the parish names have now been included in the record for the census district.


The census districts no 5-12 (of 12) in Sandefjord were missing in the transcriptions. They are now registered and published.


The last 4 residences, and the 13 people belonging to them, in Vossestranden in Hordaland county, were duplicates and actually belonging to Kvam. They are now removed from the material from Vossestranden.

Estimated birth year and age

Although it was the intention of the 1910 census to include the date of birth of all individuals, the execution proved difficult as many people did not know their own date of birth, much less the dates of birth of the remaining household. Thus, thousands of people are registered with their year of birth only, or, even more common, with their age. This type of information was often an approximation, and has therefor been written with a "ca.", or something similar. 

Age has until now been listed in the "Remarks" field, but has now been transferred to a separate "Age" field. The field listing date/year of birth now also includes the estimated year of birth. In this new version it has thus become easier to find thousands of people based on the year of birth. 

For example: If a person is listed in the source as "ca. 40 aar gml." (transcribed in the remarks-fields), the age field is now updated to "40 ca", and the field for year of birth is updated to "1870 ca".

It will be easy to spot the information that is estimated and not original. When searching the data, the estimated data will be included in the search.

Fixed IDs and URLs

From version 2 of the 1910 census, all the IDs used for individuals, buildings, districts etc. are to be regarded as permanent.