Since the last version (March 29, 2011) until the current version 3 of the 1910 Census (November 6, 2013), we have received hundreds of messages from our users concerning the correctness of the data. These reports have been dealt with in the General Office of the National Archives in Oslo where the original census lists are kept. When a transcription error is detected, they have corrected the data.

Corrections have been made in 445 of the 659 municipalities in the 1910 Census. These corrections are not all related to reported errors from our users. See the list below for details: 

  • Birth year transcribed like ”1887?” is systematically altered to ”1887” when the date is missing (North of Norway)
  • ”t” has been replaced with the municipality name in four fields relating to place/residence for persons.
  • The number of persons given on census district level is checked and missing persons have been addes, especially in Kristiania.
  • Inconsistent transcription of absent vs emigrated/stricken-out persons are corrected.
  • Kristiania: In the Remarks-field there were many listings of age. This have been transferred to the Age-field wich again has made it possible to estimate their birth year.

There are still a known flaw in the 1910 Census: Approx. 1500 persons that were left out of the transcriptions from Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim are not transcribed. These records will be included in the next version.