The so-called Extra Tax 1762 was introduced on the 23rd September, 1762. It was to be paid by everyone over 12 years of age. Due to its censuses and lists of additions and disposals, the Extra Tax 1762 is a useful source for genealogists, amongst others. As the censuses were somewhat differently written down from place to place, the yield, however, may vary. In some cases the censuses have gone missing.

More information on the tax can be found in the National Archives’ online exhibition on the Extra Tax 1762.

In connection to the 250th anniversary of the Extra Tax the National Archives have scanned the most important material. The censuses from 1762 has been given priority. The material have been divided into several archival series. 

Extra Tax material in the baliff's accounts

Some of the material from Valdres is kept in the State Archives in Hamar. This material has not been digitalized, but Vestoppland slektshistorielag has published a partial copy of the material.

Extra Tax material in the city accounts

Extra Tax material in the mining accounts

Extra Tax material in Realistisk ordnet avdeling

Extra Tax material in the main accounts

  • RA/EA-4065/Rf/L0072b: Ryfylke fogderi 1762 (manntall og til- og avgangslister)