The 1891 Census is available in the Digital Archives in a scanned version. The National Archives does not intend to transcribe this census to make it searchable. However, the Digital Archives welcome transcriptions of this census from volonteers. Hopefully increasingly more 1891-data will be available for search as well. 

The 1891 Census consists of several census forms:

  • "Hovedsammendraget" (the main summary) gives a list of all "tellingskrets" (the census districts) in a "herred" (municipality) or a city
  • For each "tellingskrets" there is a "hovedliste" (main list) which lists the residences/properties in "tellingskrets"
  • For each residence there is a "husliste" (house list) with information regarding the residence/property
  • For each person there is a "personseddel" (individual sheet) with information regarding the person
  • Separate census lists weith agricultural information are lost for the main part, but there exist some

It is not possible to perform a digital search of the material. Users will have to study the material as users have done in the reading rooms. Using the main summaries and lists, users will be able to identify the census area a specific residence belongs to, as well as the “house list” number of that specific residence. From there users will be able to locate that house list and the census forms belonging to that residence.

When the residence of the person one is looking for is unknown, it will often be difficult to find that person.

The 1891 Census is stored in the National Archives, and is included as series Ea in the archive S-2231: Statistisk sentralbyrå, sosioøkonomiske emner, folketellinger, boliger og boforhold.