Mobil Exploration Norway Incorporated

Mobil Exploration Norway Incorporated (MENI) was founded on the 2nd August, 1973, and was a subsidiary company of the American oil company Mobil Oil Corporation. The company set out to find and produce oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf. The production license was awarded to MENI in 1973, and the search for oil started in December 1973. On the 22nd February, 1974 the company notified the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate of their first find. The oil field later got the name Statfjord.

The company’s first employee was director E.J. Medley, and the head office was located in Stavanger. The Statfjord field was developed and opened for production in 1979 under MENI, and in 1986 the company had approximately 1800 employees. On the 1st of January, 1987, Statoil became the operator of Statfjord, and the responsibility for the 1700 employees was likewise transferred onto Statoil. But MENI, as a license shareholder, remained in charge of the running of the company, and of searching for new oil fields.

In 1999 Mobil Corporation and Exxon Corporation merged and became ExxonMobil Corporation. The ownership of the Norwegian subsidiary companies Esso and MENI was transferred over to the new company, and subsequently Esso and MENI merged.

Archival section II: Mobil Exploration, series Da

This series contains case material and the correspondence between Mobil exploration Norway Inc. and the different Statfjord licensees in the period 1973-1981. The correspondence deals with geological and seismic surveys, as well as the planning and execution of these surveys, and the exchange of data after completion. The material also contains some monthly newsletters sent from Mobil in Stavanger to the head office in New York, as well as the 1974-1975 budget. 

Archival section IV: Mobil Management, series Da