PA 1513 - Norsk Vacuum Oil Company A/S (SAST/A-101918)

A constitutive general meeting was held in Oslo on the 27th April for Norsk Vacuum Oil Company A/S. The company was associated with the American Vacuum Oil Company. Directors Harald Nielsen, Ludvig Castberg, Odd Sættem and Ernst Michaelsen from the Danish Vacuum Oil Company were the founders. The aim of the company was the trade in and production of oil and related products. The company merged with Sporveienes Bensindepot NOR A/S in 1951, and changed their name to NOR og Vacuum A/S. In 1957 the company changed name again, to Mobil Oil NOR A/S. 

Serie A: Minute books, abstract protocols and negotiation protocols 1918-1949

This series contains two protocols with abstracts from general meetings and board meetings. The first protocol is handwritten. The second protocol is apparently an incomplete processed copy of the first protocol. 

PA 1515 - Turistgarasjen A/S (SAST/A-101920)

Turistgarasjen A/S was founded on the 3rd February, 1937, in Trondheim. The founders were O. Eidem, Torbjørn Haug, Håvard Farstad, Oskar Kleveland, Lars (!!) and Johan (!!). The company aimed to trade in petrol and motor oil, as well as renting out the garage. The company was founded specifically with O. Eidem’s bus company, Autobuss A/S, in mind. The company was connected with Sporveienes Bensindepot NOR through Centrum Bilpark A/S in Trondheim, which was guarantor for Turistgarasjen’s initial loans. On the 27th November, 1958, it was decided that Mobil Oil NOR A/S should acquire the shares in the company. 

Serie A: Negotiation protocols 1937-1958

This series contains a negotiation protocol with the company’s abstracts and reports.

PA 1516 - Nor Hotellkompani A/S (SAST/A-101921)

NOR Hotellkompani A/S was founded in Oslo on the 15th October, 1948, by founders Forenede Industries A/S, Olaf Eckbo, Sporveienes Bensindepot A/S, Nils W.K. Eckbo, Finn Blakstad and Dankert Melbye. The aim of the company was the acquisition of real estate, the building of hotels and hotel management. One hotel was opened in Oppdal in 1949, but it did not do as well as expected. At an extraordinary general meeting on the 24th November, 1954, it was decided that all assets should be transferred to the company NOR og Vacuum A/S and that NOR Hotellkompani should be liquidated.

Serie A: Abstract protocols 1948-1955

This series contains a protocol with abstracts from general meetings and board meetings. 

PA 1517 - A/S Strømsø Bensinstasjon (SAST/A-101922)

Strømsø Petrol Station was founded in Drammen on the 24th March, 1933, by Wilhelm Olsen jr., Olav Hansen, Peder Espeseth and Sigurd B. Iversen. Wilhelm Olsen was the major shareholder, owning 22 out of 40 shares in Strømsø, and effectively became director of the company. Wilhelm Olsen also ran several other petrol stations in the area surrounding Drammen. Wilhelm Olsen went bankrupt in March 1934, and his shares in Strømsø Petrol Station were sold to Sporveiens Bensindepot, NOR A/S. NOR started supplying Strømsø Petrol Station with petrol and financed the expansion of the station. Amongst other things they built a car wash in 1937. But the petrol station did not prove profitable, and in 1941 NOR acquires all the shares in the company, and decided that Strømsø Petrol Station was to be liquidated. 

Serie A: Abstract protocols 1933-1941

This series consists of a protocol with abstracts from general meetings and board meeting.