The Department of Industry, the Oil Office (SAST/A-101348)

Before the Oil Directory (OD) was established the Mining Office of the Department of Industry dealt with all state affairs on the Norwegian continental shelf. A contintental shelf committee established on the 8th November, 1963, by the Crown Prince regent’s decree, assisted the Department of Industry in drawing up laws and edicts. By Royal decree the Norwegian Petroleum Council was established on the 9th April, 1965. The Petroleum Council functioned as an advisory body regarding the search for and exploitation of subsea petroleum deposits on the continental shelf. In the first licensing round the Norwegian Petroleum Council was the licensing authority. Due to the increase in work load a separate oil office was established within the Department of Industry in 1966.

Presented here are the archival materials from these affairs. On the founding of the OD in 1972 this material was transferred from the Department of Industry, because OD needed these in order to perform its tasks. The archives were sorted by OD’s archive key, and the material was later handed over to the State Archives in Stavanger.

Series Da L1 contains the archive key (pages 1-44). The remainder of Series Da contains the documents sorted according to this key. 

Serie Da: Records archived according to filing index, 1963-1975

Serie Db: Records archived without a filing index, 1963-1973

  • L0001: Sikkerhet og utstyr, personell, arbeidstid, lønn,1967-1973
  • L0002: Oljevernrådet, Styret i OD, leieforhold, div., 1966-1973
  • L0003: Helikopterflyving og helikopterdekk, redningsheis i helikopter, ID Olje, div., 1966-1973
  • L0004: Simulering, havmiljø og dykking, 1966-1973
  • L0005: Seismiske undersøkelser, 1963-1972
  • L0006: Seismiske undersøkelser, 1964-1972