In the Digital Archives you find millions of records transcribed from the parish registers.You can search these and there are several ways to do this: 

  • "google"-search, a text search to look for people or places
  • advanced search, a simple search form to look for people or places 
  • source specific search, a search form that will only search in one specified source
  • list specific search, a search form that will search a specified list/clerical action in the parish registers

You find a search guide under Help

In Select source you will be able to find all available parish registers and the source specific search forms, while you to the right find links to the various list specific search forms. In these forms you can refine your search by selecting one or several geographic areas.

Limits for the parish registers

As a rule, the parish registers are closed for 60 years. However, the baptisms lists from 1930 and later, as well as confirmation lists from 1935 and later, will be checked for information on adoption, since this particular information is closed for 100 years. The Digital Archives cannot publish searchable information on living persons (apart from marriages), so for these data you will find a stricter rule. 

Today we publish information on:

  • baptisms until 1921
  • confirmations until 1935
  • marriages until today, but with some limitations on the information from more recent weddings
  • burials until today, but personal information covering health, religion, economy, adoption etc., as well as information on relatives, is removed before publishing

The digitised parish registers that are displayed as images and not searchable, will have other limits.