Norges Bank (The Central Bank of Norway) was established in 1816 as a private joint-stock company. The base capital was supposed to be between 2 and 3 millions "speciedaler" silver. This captial was impossible to establish on voluntary deposits only. Thus the king announced December 23, 1816 that the captial was to be estblished by force. The minimum sum of 2 million "speciedaler" was divided on the country's wealth. The Silver Tax 1816 is the common name for this forced allocation of shares. 

The National Archives has on behalf of The Central Bank of Norway, transcribed all the Silver Tax lists of 1816. Links to the scanned and transcribed versions are available in Select source.

The transcription of the Silver Tax 1816

The Silver Tax is transcribed by the National Archives on behalf of the Central Bank of Norway. The work was done from October 2013 thru May 2014. The tax lists for Nordland, Troms and Finnmark counties were transcribed by RHD (The Norwegian Historical Data Centre) at the University of Tromsø, and adapted at the National Archives to fit the indexing instructions.

All the lists have been quality-controlled. The information regarding residence, given name and surname have been proofread, apart from these bailiffs which will be controlled later:

  • Fosen bailiff
  • Strinda and Selbu bailiff
  • Orkdal and Gauldal bailiff

The lists of the Silver Tax 1816:

Akershus amt

Smålenenes amt

Hedemarken amt

Christians amt

Buskerud amt

Jarlsberg og Larvik amt

Bratsberg amt

Nedenes amt

Lister og Mandal amt

Stavanger amt

Søndre Bergenhus amt

Nordre Bergenhus amt

Romsdal amt

Søndre Trondhjem amt

Nordre Trondhjem amt

Nordland amt

Finnmarkens amt