In the Digital Inn you find sources/documents digitised by institutions, associations or persons outside the organisation of the National Archives of Norway.

The sources might be scanned, transcribed into a table or a full transcription. The digital sources are published with the technology of the Digital Archives, so the material is equally accessible as other source material in the Digital Archives.

The Digital Archives are only borrowing the digital sources in the Digital Inn, we cannot distribute the material in any other way than our internet site.

How do you become a guest in the Digital Inn

Everyone can be a member of the Digital Inn. The most important condition is that the digital source is based on an archival source and that it is represented as true to the original as possible.

The Digital Archives makes a room in the Digital Inn for each guest/contributor. The guest might be an institution, an association, a group of persons co-operating or a single individual. In this room the guest is free to write his/her own presentation and may also have their own logo.

All digital source material is marked with the logo of the Digital Inn if not specified otherwise.

Please contact us if you want to be a member of the Digital Inn, it is free!