We are very proud to have such a dedicated and specialized following here at the Digital Archives user forums. The large amount of open threads with genealogical knowledge make this a very useful place for anyone indulging themselves in field of family history. 

The forum is divided into sub-forums:

All forums for the Digital Archives

Brukernes eget forum (= The Users forum): This is where users help other users. It could eg. be questions regarding source material from other places than the Digital Archives, a search for a specific person (not people who are/assumed are still alive), local history, place names and traditions. In short, almost anything. Even though the conversation is mostly in Norwegian, a question/thread in English will most certainly be read and replied to. The Digital Archives are not active part takers in this forum, but you will from time to time se answers from someone within the organisation. Go to the forum

Tyding av skannede kilder (= Interpreting scanned sources): In this forum you can ask for help to interpret a specific source by linking to a web page or uploading a picture of the source in question.  Go to the forum

Kilderegistrering (= Transcribing sources): In this forum you can get answers to all your questions regarding transcribing and registering sources with the intent of publishing them in the Digital Archives. You may also mail us directly (digitalarkivet@arkivverket.no) if you want more details on how to get started with indexing for church books or other sources. Go to the forum

Spør Digitalarkivet (= Ask The Digital Archives): Here you can post questions to the staff in The Digital Archives. The forum has three sub-categories, where different staff from within our organisation will answer depending on question and category. Others than staff may also add answers/experiences. Go the the forums

  • Spørsmål om skannet materiale (= Questions concerning the scanned sources) is the place for questions regarding the scanned church books, probate court protocols, real estate documents, etc. For questions regarding how to use these, pages missing, images that need to be rescanned etc.
  • Spørsmål om transkriberte materiale (= Questions concerning the transcribed sources) is where you post questions or notifications about the searchable data on our site. This could be eg. errors while searching, obvious mistakes in the transcribed material, missing data, etc.
  • Andre spørsmål til Digitalarkivet (= Other questions to The Digital Archives) is the place for everything else regarding the Digital Archives.