From the drop down menu in every record in the 1910 Census, it is possible to leave a message to us regarding that specific record.

For different reasons, the registered version of the census has an unknown number of errors. This can be caused either by a mistake made by the registrator who has punched the data to a computer, or it can be mistakes make in the original census documents.

Date of birth is one of the most common errors in the 1910 census. This is however mostly due to the fact that many people were not sure about their actual date of birth back then.

Errors that can be verified as made by the registrators of the digital data, will be corrected - mistakes made in the source by the registrators in 1910 will not be altered, but the correct data (if verifiable - or user suggestions) will be added to the record as a special notification.

To add a correction you need to be signed in as a user. If you are already registered as a user in the discussion forum, use the same sign in name and password. Next, 1) Press the arrow next to the title of the specific census, 2) press "Correction".