There are two log in sites in the Digital Archives, the main site and the debate forums. Whether you are here og there, you will find links after you click the log in-link that say "I've forgotten my password" or "Forgot your password". They operate differently, but gives you the same result: a new password. Below you find instructions on how to retrieve a new password from our main site. The log in details are the same for both sites. 

Click the log in link:

As illustrated, you find the link Forgot your password there. Follow this link.

You are now asked to fill out a form with your e-mail address and a code. Write the e-mailaddress you used when you registered and write the code in the box below. Use captial letters, numbers and any other character when it occurs. 

When you click the Send instructions-button, you will very soon receive an e-mail with a link. This links takes you to a page where you write your new password. Then you should be set and can continue to log in with your new password.