If you tick the box below the search field saying OR-search your hitlist will return all posts containing one or more of your search terms. If you use many search words in the OR-search the number of hits can be very large. But if your search terms are correct you should find the person or property you are looking for high on the hit list. This can be a useful way of searching in cases where a person has many names, such as Fridtjof Nansen's mother, Adeleide Johanne Thekla Isidora Nansen, f. Wedel Jarlsberg (Bøller from an earlier marriage), and it is uncertain which names are used in the different sources. 

  • If you are uncertain as to spelling, you can use the wildcard *(asterisk).In the search for Nansen's mother you could type  Adel* Johanne Thekla Isidora Nansen Wedel Jarlsberg, as her first name could be spelt in several different ways. Se utdypende artikkel .

The hit list could be narrowed down if you are certain that some words should be included or excluded in the search. 

  • By placing a plus sign + directly in front of a word without a space inbetween, you make that word compulsory for the search. E.g. +Nils
  • If you know that a word should be excluded from the search, place i minus sign (-) directly in front of that word. E.g. -Asker

The search words that you enter in the search field will be searched for independently of the sequence you have typed the words. The words will also be searched for in all fields, not only name fields, but the name fields are given a higher priority than the other fields, ranking hits in the name field higher than other hits.