The Director General, through the Section for Private Archives, is to serve as a national coordinator for work with private archives in Norway. We are meant to be a resource for private archive institutions at all levels and to help foster a fertile collaboration environment among these institutions.

To accomplish this task, we depend upon collaboration with creators of private archives throughout the country. Hence, it is important that the preservation institutions report to us data on their archives, as well as their preservation policies, their agreements and their preservation plans, either through their coordinators at county level or directly to the Director General, to allow for an overall preservation policy that is realistically feasible.

Our objective is increased awareness and knowledge of the preservation of private archives. We also wish to help raise the professional standard for these efforts, so that professional archival principles and procedures become a self-evident norm for all work with private archives throughout the country.

Important collaborators in the field of private archives are the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (ABM-utvikling) and Landslaget for lokal- og privatarkiv (LLP) [national organisation for local and private archives].