Statsarkivet i Bergen etter rehabiliteringen - vinterstid

Statsarkivet i Bergen, desember 2012. Foto: Tom Myrvold

The Regional State Archives in Bergen is a part of the National Archives of Norway, covering the district of Hordaland and Sogn and Fjordane.

The institution is responsible for receiving and making accessible to the public archival materials from local and regional government administration within the counties Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. Moreover, the Regional State Archives in Bergen supervises the archival conditions in all local public administration bodies in the region. The State Archives also works to preserve private archives that are worthy of preservation. Thus, the archive acts both as an administrative body and as a science-based cultural heritage institution. The holdings of the Regional State Archives in Bergen fill some 16,000 shelf meters of repository space (2009).

The leader of the Regional State Archives in Bergen, Yngve Nedrebø, is also in charge of the Digital Archives. This is the free online service for the National Archives in Norway. Here you can search and browse in digitised sources. The most frequently used sources are made available in the Digital Archives: