Organisation and personell

The Regional State Archives in Bergen has 22 employees working with tasks concerning archive, administration, preservation and general maintenance.

Some of the staff works with tasks for the Digital Archives, the National Archives' internet site for digitised sources. These employees are located in Bergen, Voss and Stavanger. The Regional State Archives are responsible for those in Bergen and Voss, while the Regional State Archives in Stavanger is responsible for those located there.


Name Position E-mail Workplace
Bergstrøm, Audun Higher Executive Officer Bergen
Bratland, Kenneth Adviser Bergen
Bringslid, Synøve Archivist Bergen
Bruvik, Tone Merete  Adviser, The Digital Archives Bergen
Clausen, Anette Skogseth Senior Adviser,The Digital Archives Bergen
Dahl, Gina Higher Executive Officer Bergen
Eggereide, Solveig Maria Senior Executive Officer, The Digital Archives Voss
Ekerhovd, Steffen Operating Technician Bergen
Flakstad, Rikke Higher Executive Officer Bergen
Foldøy, Egil Adviser Bergen
Gangdal, Astrid Blanceflor Senior Executive Officer Bergen
Haukedal-Johansen, Cecilie Adviser Bergen
Helland, Randi Førstekonsulent Bergen
Holvik, Knut Olav Adviser Bergen
Johannessen, Marianne Herfindal Archivist Bergen
Koehler, Lillian Senior Consultant Bergen
Knoph, Cecilie Skauge Senior Consultant Bergen
Myrvold, Tom Senior Consultant Bergen
Nedrebø, Yngve Director Bergen
Nomeland, Terje Archivist Bergen
Riise, Anita Kristin Adviser Bergen
Sætre, Trond Higher Executive Officer Bergen
Wågenes, Renathe-Johanne Senior Executive Officer Bergen