The Reading Room

The Regional State Archives in Bergen has a reading room with 12 seats.
The guests must register themselves when they visit the reading room for the first time. In the registration form, the guests confirm that they have read and accepted the rules for the reading room. For further visits to the reading room, you only have to sign the guest book.

Lesesalen på Statsarkivet i Bergen

Lesesalen ved Statsarkivet i Bergen, anno 2013. Foto: Anette S. Clausen

Access to documents

To read the documents, you will have to fill out a requisition form. The document(s) will be delivered immediately, or as soon as the reading room assistant is ready.

Note: If visiting on a Tuesday after 1500, be sure to order the documents before 1430 the same day. When we are open on a Saturday, you must order the documents before Friday 1430. You can order by attending the reading room, e-mail, letter, fax or telephone.

Limited access to documents

There are several archives or records in archives that have restricted access.

The main rules for limited access are:

  • all documents with sensitive information is restricted from public access for 60 years
  • documents regarding child abuse and criminal proceedings is restricted for 80 years
  • adoption papers are restricted for 100 years

Any exemption from these rules are made by the Director.

Copies and transcripts of the documents

You can order copies of any open document from the Regional State Archives in Bergen.You decide whether you want the copy to be on paper or a digital image.

The Regional Archives have transcripts of some of the documents, mainly concerning estate and distribution of such. One can, in special cases, order transcription of documents.