Responsibility and tasks

The Regional State Archives in Bergen is an administrative agency as well as a scientific cultural institution.
The State Archives preserves archival material from regional and local state offices in Hordaland (including Bergen) and Sogn og Fjordane counties. It also holds archives from private/non-governmental offices.

There are approximately 16.000 shelf meters of archival material (pr 2009). The material covers a period from 1307 to the 1990s. Here you find both old and new documents from government agencies like "sorenskriver" (district judge), "lensmann" (police), "prest" (priest), "jordskiftekontor" (severance office), "veikontor" (public road administration), "folkeregister" (population register), etc.

The staff at the Regional State Archives is guiding the users of the documents via e-mail, letters, telephone, in the reading room and also in discussion forum online. In the Statement of Services for the National Archives, you can read more on what to expect from us concerning help and guidance.

The State Archives is also responsible for supervising the public archives in Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. The rules and regulations for administrating public and private archives are found in the Norwegian Archives Act with Regulations.