Responsibility and Tasks

The National Archives is part of the National Archives of Norway and responsible for the records created by the government's central administration, i.e. ministries and directorates, etc., as well as the archives of the Supreme Court. These institutions are required to hand over to the National Archives their archives once these reach 25 years of age and are no longer in administrative use. The National Archives also preserve important archives left by individuals and private enterprises, such as companies and organisations. The Director General serves as head of both the Central Office of the National Archives and the National Archives of Norway.

As per 2009, the archival material stored in the repocitories of the National Archives Buildings takes up close to 126.000 shelf meters (413.386 linear feet) of storage space. The holdings include material dating back to the 12th century and records from the Danish era. Most items are from after 1814. Another 5000 shelf meters (16,404 linear feet) of materials are added to the holdings each year. The National Archives can truthfully be designated as the country's collective memory.

The National Archives grants the public access to archival holdings in the reading room, which is open from Monday through Friday year round and on Saturdays during the academic year. For 2007, the Reading Room attendance was slightly above 8000 visitors.

We also conduct research for the public in certain cases, and provide copies. The most frequently utilised material has been digitised and made available online in The Digital Archives. The National Archives publishes various publications (books, journals and brochures) of sources, archive information and archives regulations. For a more detailed description of what to expect from us, please see the National Archives of Norway's Service Statement for services offered to the public.