Welcome to the National Archives (Riksarkivet) and the Regional State Archives of Oslo (Statsarkivet i Oslo). We welcome everyone whether you are a professional researcher, investigating legal rights or tracing your ancestors. This building is equipped for disabled persons.

You will find the reference desk and the reading room upstairs on Level 3. The café (open 11am-1pm) and toilets are located on Level 2.

Please do not hesitate to ask for help.

While visiting the archives, please observe the following rules:

Regulations for Visitors to the Reading Room

1. Visiting the National Archives Building

  • Visitors must register at the reception desk on arrival and when leaving the building.
  • On the first visit a registration form must be filled in, after which the visitor receives a reader’s ticket to be shown on later visits.
  • Portfolios, large handbags, plastic bags and the like must be left in the reception office.
  • Only necessary papers, portable computers and writing material are allowed in the reading room. The receptionist is authorized to check such items when the visitor leaves the building. Visitors intending to bring with them into the reading room documents that might be mistaken for archival material should therefore declare them to the receptionist on arrival.
  • Coats must be left in the cloakroom where lockers are provided.
  • Visitors are admitted to the foyer, exhibition areas, reference room and reading room. If you wish to contact personnel elsewhere in the building, please enquire with the desk staff in the reference room or in the reception.
  • Visitors may bring their own food and beverages to the cafeteria. Eating or drinking is prohibited elsewhere in the building.
  • Please be silent in the reading room and be considerate to others when using a portable computer. Mobile phones must be switched off in the reading room as well as in the reference room.

2. Loans into the Reading Room

  • Archival material for use in the reading should be requested in advance on www.arkivportalen.no . For assistance, please contact the desk staff in the reference room. The staff will give you instructions and advice, and assign you a desk in the reading room where you can access the material.
  • The staff at the librarian’s desk in the reference room provides information on printed literature. We provide special requisition slips for printed literature. We do not lend books for use outside the reading room.
  • Archival material and books ordered will be brought to your assigned desk. After use the visitor must return the material to the reading room inspector. On request the material may be reserved for up to one week.
  • Before using copied documents (bound paper copies, microfilms, microfiche), visitors should ask the reading room inspector for instructions. You may help yourself to any books placed on the shelves in the reading room.

3. Using Archival Material

  • Archival documents must be handled with care. You should not use them as support for writing, or make any marks in them. You must never remove any of their contents. Records may only be brought from your assigned desk if you need advice concerning the contents, and only at the discretion of the reading room inspector.
  • Archival material must not be disarranged. Visitors are permitted to have a limited amount of bound volumes or record boxes on their desks at one time. Only one box or parcel may be opened at one time. The order of loose records must not be rearranged. This also applies to documents selected for copying. In your own interest, you should inform the reading room inspector if you come across any disarrangement in the material.
  • Respect the written sources. Always write down where the information has been found. Information that might injure, offend or hurt someone must not be brought any further.

4. Taking Photos or Ordering Copies

Visitors may take photographs of archival material with their own scanner or camera. There are separate photo desks for this purpose in the reading room. In order to be photographed it is a requirement that the material will not be physically damaged. This is determined by the archival staff. Photographs, maps and documents written on parchment are examples of material which may not be photographed or scanned in the reading room. Protocols are not allowed for scanning.

To order photocopies of archival material (fee applies), please enquire with a member of staff.

5. Using the Reading Room Desks

The desks in the reading room are for visitors using archival material and volumes from the library. There are no reservations for permanent desks. If there is a queue to use the microfilm or microfiche readers, the time allotted to each user may be limited.

6. Violations of these Regulations

In the case of a serious violation of these regulations, visitors may be refused admission to the reading room. Theft or willful damage will be reported to the police.