The Sami Archives are situated in Kautokeino and contains archives of individuals, organizations, institutions and companies. At the archives it is also deposited public records of importance to the Sami society, history and culture.

The archives collects, preserves and makes available archival material from the Sami community. The purpose of this is to ensure a written historical source material that could shed light on Sami history and making this available to the public. This is an important basis for work on Sami language, history and culture.

Contact the Sami Archives if you want to supply archive material. On delivery you sign a written agreement where both parties' rights are clarified.

We are situated in the new building Diehtosiida in Kautokeino, where we share our reception with the Sámi University College library.


Over time, a need for Sami Research archive has emerged. Project Sami archive began in 1988 as a joint project between the then NAVF (Norges almenvitenskapelige forskningsråd), the Nordic Sami Institute and the National Archival Services of Norway (Arkivverket), to make a written source material to Sami history. Foundation Sámi arkiiva / Samisk arkiv was created on 1 January 1995. From 1 January 2005, management responsibility for the foundation was taken over by the Director General (Riksarkivaren). The Foundation are incorporated as a department of the National Archival Services of Norway. The Sami Archives are financed from the National Budget.